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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Copying the look of other businesses

One of the biggest things I see in the bath and body community is “branding”.    Branding to me is an individual look.  We all look to Lush Cosmetics as an Idol of sorts.  They are a huge company with a fantastic following.   I have personally never tried their products but I hear some of them are pretty amazing.  
Lush has been around a while and the general population knows who and what they are.   How?  Because of their “branding”.    Lush uses a killer font, has fantastic displays and are above all, a company we all strive to be as popular as.  
When we as business owners are starting out or simply trying to update our look, we look to those who are popular at the time.    We want to keep up with the times so to speak.    Why?   Well because we want to be able to compete with our competitors.  Is Lush a competitor?  Well not really?  Unless you are making millions of dollars you are not in competition with Lush so why would you want your display to look like them?
Finding your own look is important not only to you but to your customers as well.   Do you really want your business known as a copycat to Lush?   No way.   You want your customers to know your products as yours.  If your products are a duplication of Lush then honestly what does that say about your creativity?   It says you are only as good as your ability to steal from larger companies.   If your look is a duplication of Lush then what does it say about your company?   It says that you are not above living off the shirt tails of someone elses creativity and hard work.   If you want respect in the business from both competitors and customers you need to make your own way.    Make your own products.   Make your products stand out as your own and not just another “Lush Duplicate”. 
I am not saying duping a recipe is wrong.   I am saying that if you are duping a product and making the labels (font/packaging) similar to Lush or any other company then you really need to rethink your morals and values.   That is just plain wrong in my eyes.  I know there will be some who say we all duplicate every time we make a round bath bomb.   Yes, that is in fact the truth.  We do it when we make lip balms, lotions, creams, soap and every other product out there.   Someone has already done it.   But do we need to duplicate each item to look extremely similar to someone elses?  NO WE DO NOT!  
Why would you want your products to steal from other peoples hard work?   You wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you.  It is NOT flattery.  It is NOT a sign of admiration.   It is NOT a good thing no matter how you justify it.   I don’t care what you tell yourself to make it right in your head.  I would ask how you would feel if someone did it to you but I already know most of the answers.    I wouldn’t care.  I would be flattered.   No you wouldn’t.  You would be angry if you went to a show and saw someone had duplicated your entire set up including how you packaged your products.   Be honest with yourself.  You would not be happy about it.
Please find your own look.  Stop trying to be someone you aren’t.  Be yourself.   Make your business express who you are and your values rather than expressing your ability to copy people :)

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