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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Ready for Halloween

 I have been working on a variety of projects this year.    This is a blast from the past and I am going to recreate the bottles I made many years ago.    I may revamp the labels but I thought I would share the originals with you.   Feel free to print the labels below.   To get the brown crumply look you will need to get some black tea and steep it.   Once the tea is cold crumple each label and then flatten it out again.   Set the paper fully submerged into the tea.   Allow it to soak in for a few minutes depending on the color you want.    Then carefully lift the paper out and allow it to air dry.   I find that cutting it before I stain it works the best.   After the paper is dry give it a spray with a protective coating.  I like to use spray acrylic that can be found in most craft stores.  Add some spray adhesive to the back of the label and attach it to the jars you plan on using.   Decorate your jars how you like and you are set for a spooky holiday!

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