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Friday, November 6, 2015

Slsa free Bubble Bar recipe

 Slsa Free Bubble Bar Recipe
 This is a recipe that I created for those of you that do not want to create a bubble bar using slsa.   This is a great alternative for someone with allergies to the powdered surfactants (the stuff that makes it bubble).   Give this a go and see what you think.   There is also a demo of the bubble show on my youtube channel.

2 cup Baking Soda
1/2 cup Tapioca Starch
4 Tbsp Cream of Tartar
2 Tbsp Citric Acid
3 Tbsp Coco Betaine
1.5 Tbsp Decyl Glucoside
2 tsp Sodium Lactate (Liquid)
1 tsp fragrance or to liking (remember the more you add, the more you will need to work it in)
color to taste
1 tbsp (optional) glycerin

**Please Note**
This recipe is a very tricky recipe and will require patience.  Due to the ingredient combination, it is not going to be the normal consistency you will be used to if you use a recipe with glycerin.  You are going to be tempted at certain points to add more ingredients.. Don't do it...  Resist the urge until right before you roll.   Then you can use the optional tbsp of glycerin if you feel you need it but it will make it a bit stickier to roll.

Have your paper ready with a bit of baking soda or tapioca starch on it to help with the sticking.  I keep a smidge of it on the side just in case I need it.  You will need to move fast once you stop mixing.

Mix all your powder ingredients together completely and then add your liquids mixing as you go.

You will notice that your batter is very airy, fluffy and sticky.  No worries..  Keep working it with your hand.  After you have completely blended it together and it is no longer fluffy scrape your gloves and let your mix sit for 5 minutes so that it can rise.   You will notice it has a crust on it..  That is fine and nothing to worry about.  Beat it down and mix some more. 

When you feel the mix getting thicker and more doughish, seperate into your colors and work fast.   If you feel it is getting crumbly add a spritz or 2 of water.  But don't over do it.  It will get very sticky again.  If it does just let it sit again for a few minutes and remix it.

Now comes the fun part.   Plop your first color and make a large flat rectangle.   Take your second color and do the same only on top of the first layer.   I find it is easier to crumble it on top evenly then lightly smoosh it so it doesn't distort the bottom color.  Once you have this squared you can roll it into a jelly roll.   If it sticks to your paper just scrape it up and keep rolling.  

This dough will continue to try and raise which is what you want.  Airy and light.  More like a famous bar we all know.  Don't be tempted to pack it down unless you want a more compact bar like the ones with large amounts of glycerin.   You will also notice that the outside of the roll wants to crack..  That is okay too.  Just lightly with a finger press it down.  I find using a finger dipped in baking soda works best.

Now for the cutting..  Generally you will see that these are dried sitting the same way they are cut.  We are not going to do that.  These will get fluffier as they sit and the sides will buldge out if you do that.  So we are going to lay them on their sides.    You can reshape them into squares or circles at this point.   Once you are happy with how they look leave them sit.  Do not be tempted to play with them.   After 3 hours you will notice that you can pick them up and flip them if you like.   They should be completely dry within 12 hours.  If not just leave them for a bit longer.

Lana's Bubble Bar 11 free recipe

This darling recipe was formulated by myself.   i spend a bit of time creating a bar that was fast drying and loaded with bubbles... I am in love...   If you subscribe to my youtube channel you can see a demo of me making these as well as how they perform in the tub.

                   Lana's Bubble Bar 11

250 g  Baking soda
70 g SLSA powder
65 g Cream of Tartar
60 g Lauramidopropyl Betaine
Fragrance or essential oil

optional 1 tsp of glycerin if needed for rolling..  Do not add if humidity is high.

Sift and mix all powdered ingredients into a metal bowl.  Add liquid ingredients and fragrance and mix well.

Separate into balls for coloring.

Spread first color onto parchment paper forming a rectangle.  Add each color and pat down on top of the first.  When all your colors are added, use another piece of parchment paper and roll to desired thickness.  

Square edges and use the paper to help roll your dough into a jelly roll.  Pack in the sides.  Don't worry about cracks..   Smooth them out with your paper by gently rubbing the paper across the top of the roll.    Cut into bars and let dry.    These are fast drying.  You will notice the firmness within hours..

Completely dry in 10 hours

60 g cocamidapropyl Betaine in place of the lauramidopropyl betaine-  dough rises and foams when mixing.  You may find that you need to add 1 tbsp of glycerin to the mix to make it less "dry" feeling.   Dough is slightly harder to roll without the added glycerin.  Slices tend to be less compact and more "airy".   Starts showing signs of hardening within the same time frame as above.   End result is not quite as hard and breaks easier.   Also gives great bubbles but not quite as much as  the L-Betaine.

Color tab embeds Dupe Recipe

Now aren't these the coolest things?   Drop one or 2 in the bathtub and get an ocean of color.   another cool thing is that these can be put into bath bombs for a huge color explosion.   My friend Irene from Body Bonbon makes the coolest bath bombs ever including ones made from a cookie cutter as a mold..     Check out her youtube channel to see all her demos.   It really is fantastic.

Anyway..   I make standard boring bath bombs and wanted to figure out how she was doing it.  I did a quick search and found some really great information.   I decided to dupe another recipe and well.... I love them.   I am sharing this recipe.  It is based on the ingredients listed with a few minor changes.

Inspired by
Na*kedHBP's "Color Tab Recipe"
Body BonBons youtube tutorial
Lex Harts youtube tutorial

Have you ever wondered how people who make bath bombs get the really cool colors to shoot out of the bomb as it floats around the tub?   Well let me help you out.  They use colored inserts made a bit faster fizzing with loads of dye and put those inside the standard bath bombs.   When this hits the water it will begin to dissolve and when it hits the embeds they will fizz faster than the normal bomb creating a spinning bomb that shoots out color.  That is all there is to it.   Easy Peasy...   Now get to work and get creative.

Dry Ingredients:

  •     1 Cup Baking Soda                                                                   
  •     1 Cup Citric Acid
Wet Ingredients:
  • Your choice of alcohol, witch hazel or water for spraying (I prefer alcohol)
Optional Ingredients:
  •     1 Tbsp Kaolin Clay or Cream of Tartar (optional ingredient that gives little benefit for the amount used per batch other than it is said to help with hardening)
  •     1 tsp Colorant of choice (I like to do one color at a time)  
  •     1/2 TBSP Polysorbate 80 (optional to assist in emulsifying the oil in the bathtub so it isn't all floating on the top as well as to keep your dyes from sticking to the tub)
  •     1 Tbsp oil of choice ( I prefer jojoba oil or monoi oil)    
  •     fragrance
Fragrance oil is optional with these.. If you know you are going to be using these in a specific bath bomb then adding fragrance to them would be a good thing.... but... if you are making these in bulk then leaving them unscented might be your better option.
Measure out all of your dry ingredients EXCEPT the citric acid.   Mix them in a bowl and blend them well.  If you are using a powder color this is when you would add it.
Measure out all your liquid ingredients into a mixing cup and blend well.  If you are using a liquid color this is when you would add it.

Slowly mix your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients.  You do not have to worry about fizzing action because you have not added your citric acid yet.   Blend it well until everything is incorporated well.

Measure out your citric acid and add it to the mix.   You will notice less fizzing reaction if any.  Blend this well..  and then blend more.

Take your spray bottle and give the mix a few squirts.  I like using high grain alcohol so that it doesn’t have the reaction that water does.  However you can use any of the choices above.   You want your mix to be like wet sand.   Not damp sand but wet sand where when you squeeze it in your hand it sticks together.

Now is the time to mold.   Take the mold of your choice.. I like using a metal measuring tsp for these but I have also used a ½ tsp too.  Just depends on what you like.  Now scoop your mix into the mold and press firmly with your thumb to pack it in.   Release the mix and set it on a paper lined cookie sheet or paper to dry.  You will not want to move these around much.   Keep molding until you have it complete.  


Dupe of Bubble Bath Dough/Putty

Here is my version based on several recipes.  Please note that this is not the EXACT recipe of any of these brands. This is the recipe I used before creating my own recipe which I will share in a future post.

Bubble Bath Dough Putty

Inspired by:

Lush's "Fun" Recipe
Atomic Balm's " Tub-time bubble bath play-dough"
 Na*kedHBP’s “Original Bath Putty Recipe”
Body bonbon's "Extended Playtime Bubbling Bath Dough"

This Bath Putty is basically a soap and bubble bath in one product.   The kids can mold it, squish it, use it as soap and so much more.  This putty will completely dissolve in the water and as it dissolves.
 This putty is not reusable and is intended as a single use product.  1.5 ounces is the recommended single use portion.  One day I might come up with a reusable one but so far the only two that I have seen are by the FANTASTIC Miss Irene from Body Bonbon and the other is by the Incredible Miss Tammy from Atomic Balm Bath and Body

227 g Tapioca Starch or Corn Starch  (corn starch has a better consistency)
142g  Lauramidopropyl Betaine  
43g Castor Oil
28g Glycerin
17g Decyl Glucoside  
5 mL Fragrance oil
1.2 mL Optiphen plus
color of your choice
 Measure out your cornstarch and pour it into your mixing bowl.  If you are using a powdered color add it in now with the corn starch.  Give it a good mixing to incorporate it into the mix.  Set the bowl aside for later use.
Measure the wet ingredients into a measuring cup. Mix all your wet ingredients together so that they are evenly distributed.   This includes your fragrance and your preservative.   If you are using a liquid colorant you will add that now too. 
Get your bowl of dry ingredients and slowly pour your wet ingredients into it.   Mix this together well.  Knead it like bread dough.  Keep mixing and kneading until you have a well formed dough.       
If your dough feels to sticky add a little pinch or 2 of cornstarch.   Keep adding little amounts to get the desired consistency.  You want this to be like a soft clay.   If your dough is to dry just add a small dash of the lauramidopropyl betaine or the decyl glucoside.   Remember to always add extra ingredients in very small amounts.   You can always add more but you can never take away.
Packaging.   This is always every ones favorite part.   I like to use 1.5 ounce portions.   You can find all kinds of packaging ideas on google… I personally like to use little 2 ounce containers from the dollar store.   Make up 4 different colors and stack the containers inside of a tube gift bag and tie with a bow.   The perfect gift for a child.  Heck. even us adults love fun things too.

Now stop paying for a dough product and get creative..   Make some :)

Have any of you noticed how many fantastic products there are out there in the Bath & Body catergory?  Man..  Lush really puts on a good show.  Fantastic looking products that the whole bath & body community tries to duplicate..  Yes... I do too.. haha      There is nothing better than being able to drop in a tub of hot water and soak in luscious bubbles or plop a bath bomb in the water and soak in all the fantastic oils and botanicals.

I joined the facebook soaping/bath and body community so see what was going on there.  I really miss the old yahoo groups and wanted to connect with a few of the soapers from my past.  I have successfully found several which is super great.

Now..  back in the day when I started creating soap, candles and bath products, it was a whole different world than it is now.   I mean.. seriously... people are charging OUTRAGEOUS amounts for a simple bath bomb recipe.   WTF~ I mean really.   All you need is a little baking soda, citric acid, light oil and fragrance for a simple bath bomb. Add a little slsa to get some foaming action with the fizzing.   I just don't get it.   Now out of curiosity I have bought several recipes and have found that not only are they pretty basic, they are by far not work the price you all pay for them.   RIP OFFS with the exception of a few.  I will tell you who the great sellers are in another post since that topic is worthy of its own post.

With that being said.. I have created a few dupes of my own (based on some recipes that get huge raves in the online Facebook Community)  which I would love to share with you all.   I will be posting several free recipes over the course of the weekend.   I hope you all enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2015

I have been working on some products.  I can't wait to get these up in my etsy store. I have made so many test batches to just them just right.   Perfection isn't possibly but these are so dang close it is AMAZING!   I have a whole new product line in the works and I am sure you all will be just as pleased as I am.   Bubble bars, bath bombs, bubbly frosting (compliments of the fantastic Miss Irene), and my bath salts have even been revamped with additional goodness..  
I am overly pleased with how this laundry soap turned out.   The added pink color is just amazing.   I whipped it a bit more to get the fluffy look to it and it worked great.  I love using mason jars for this but... I am going to have to remember to find longer spoons so your hands don't get soapy when scooping it out.   The best recipe ever used and so far has shown excellent cleaning ability..

Making Soap for the kids wedding....

Had a great time making these beautiful soaps for my daughters wedding.   They turned out wonderfully and were quite a hit.   Very pleased with how they turned out.  The next time I will be sure to make them a little more in advance so that I don't have to do so much labeling at one time.  Those little bands are kind of a bummer.. haha