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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Everyday Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

Everyday Basic Bath Bomb Recipe
(makes 6 or 7 - 4 ounce bombs depending on how you pack them)

Dry Ingredients: 

•   2 cups baking soda
•   1 cup powdered citric acid

•   1/2 cup powdered epsom salt
Wet Ingredients:

•   2 Tbsp light oil
•   2 tsp fragrance (be sure to check usage rate and adjust as needed)
•    liquid coloring (to your shade preference)

1.  Sift your baking soda and Epsom salt into a mixing bowl and mix well.

 2.  Add your oil, color and fragrance to the dry ingredients and mix to incorporate all the wet ingredients evenly.   Make sure you are scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl.

3. Sift your citric acid into the mixing bowl  and mix it well.

1. Molding is the fun part.   You can use the plastic ball ornaments found at hobby shops, metal ball molds from Xen, silicone baking molds, candy molds etc…   Loads of options.   I prefer to use the Xen metal molds in the 2 inch size for my standard bombs.

2. First thing to do is make sure you mix is ready for molding.   To test this you are going to grab a handful of the mix and squeeze.   If it clumps and stays clumped it is ready.   If it doesn’t stay clumped you will need to spritz it with some moisture to get it to a clumping state.   I like to use rubbing alcohol however you can also use witch hazel and water.  Be aware that water and witch hazel will activate the mix more than alcohol so you will spritz and mix, spritz and mix as quickly as you can so that you get as little of a reaction as possible.  Alcohol will also activate the mix but not nearly as quickly.

3.  Now your mix is ready.   Get your mold and pack them firm.   Not hard just firm.  If you are using the ball molds I suggest mounding the mix in both halves lightly and them firmly pressing them together.   Let it sit for 3 seconds and tap the mold with a spoon to release the seal and your bomb will pop right out.

4.  If you are using plastic decorative molds you will need to pack them in tightly and use the back of the spoon to smooth them out.   They don’t need to be perfect.   Let it sit for 30 seconds and flip the mold over.  If your bomb does not pop right out then give it a gentle tap with the spoon.   Keep in mind that the more detail the mold has the harder it will be to release from the mold.  (This is why I choose to use the round ball molds)

5.  Allow your bombs to air dry for 24 hour before packaging.  You do not want any moisture in them when you bag or jar them up or that moisture trapped in there will activate your bombs leaving a yucky mess.

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